The Ultimate Guide To the Best Mass Gainer Supplement.

That is why maltodextrin is the first choice for supplement companies making weight gain shakes and muscle mass gainers. However it should not be YOUR choice if you’re looking for the best supplement for weight gain.

Negatives of Maltodextrin.

Maltodextrin usually comes from GMO corn and known to cause a massive insulin spike resulting in FAT gains.This insulin spike increases fat storage because the insulin spike decreases your ability to burn fat.

Maltodextrin is marketed as a complex carb, but it does not act like one. The glycemic index is one hundred(100%)Very unhealthy! Very bad for you. Therefore try to avoid weight gain products that contain maltodextrin.

Now taking a closer look at Joe Weiders Mega Mass 4000. You’ll see the carbohydrates per one hundred grams is sixty (60)grams. That means in TOTAL, the powder is 60% carbohydrates, pretty easy math. Does that mean the total grams of maltodextrin is 60? No it does not, but I would guess that it is pretty close.

Joe Weider’s product is not the only supplement company to be guilty of using maltodextrin as their first ingredient. Take a look at optimum Nutrition’s As you can see the first ingredient is maltodextrin. This is no coincidence. Maltodextrin is the favorite choice of supplement companies when making their weight gain products.

Alternative Carbohydrates For Making The Best Mass Gainer Powders

I am strictly talking about powdered weight gainers in this blog post, not food.

About seven years ago,a product to replace maltodextrin was created. This product was created because all that was available was maltodextrin, dextrose, and fructose. This product Oatmuscle. Oatmuscle is a 100% natural product made from Oats. It is not an oat flour as many companies sell. Oatmuscle is a one of a kind product that tastes awesome and provides a natural low GI source of carbs. Fast forward a few years later and a powder manufacturer came out with a product called Mod6 carb powder.

IT was made up of about six grains. It is also a great carb to use for a weight gaining shake or to make yourself a cheap mass gainer, instead of maltodextrin. Some supplement companies when making their weight gainers will use sweet potato powder. But the problem with sweet potato powder is that it is 50% sugar.

Choosing the best protein to gain weight

When it comes to choosing the best protein to gain weight with, I suggest using a combination of different protein powders. (Keep in mind that I am specifically leaving out food that you can eat, I am just discussing protein powders for mass gain).

  • Whey protein Isolate

The first choice of protein I would recommend would be a whey protein isolate. I recommend using a whey isolate because it does not have any lactose. Lactose causes a lot of stomach discomfort for most people. When trying to use weight gain supplements you want to make sure that you can eat a significant amount of EXTRA calories and stomach discomfort is the last thing you need. However, if you do not have a problem with lactose you can simply get a whey protein concentrate.


The second protein powder of choice for using in your weight gain powder should be micellar casein protein powder. A certain company gets a high-quality casein protein powder from France. In France, the cows are grass fed and hormone free. In addition, the micellar casein protein powder provides a slow, anti-catabolic effect in the body. It is the perfect compliment to whey protein powder. Many supplement companies that claim to have the best weight gainer on the market will use a protein blend. Typically whey, casein, milk and egg white are used in weight gainers.

The supplement company BSN uses maltodextrin and a protein blend in their mass gainer supplement. Some supplement companies use soy protein isolate, which is a terrible protein to use. Ten years ago, when soy protein isolate was first introduced to the supplement around the world, it was marketed as being just as good as whey protein. However, after it was discovered that soy protein isolate contains phytoestrogen, protein users tossed their soy protein powder in the trash.

However, this STILL does not stop supplement companies from using it in their weight gainers. As you can see above, Joe Weiders Mega Mass 4000 lists soy protein isolate in the ingredients. The best thing you can do when making a cheap weight gainer is to buy all the protein powders separately.

Then add 1/3 cup of Oatmuscle, and two tbs each of a whey isolate, micellar casein, and an egg white. You can also try specialty proteins as well. Like our Bio Serum, Peptopro, and Advanced BCAA. If you take a look at all the popular weight gain supplements on the market you’ll see that they all pretty much follow the same formula. That formula is using maltodextrin as the carbohydrate source and protein blend for the protein source.

Increasing Calories With Fat

This next topic is one that you should really take note of because it is probably the most important part of my Ultimate Guide To The Best Mass Gainers.

FAT! Up until this point we have been talking about protein and carbohydrates. Protein and carbs yield nine calories per gram. Thus if you have a serving size of one hundred grams you’d get four hundred calories. pretty easy math. Calories are extremely important when trying to gain weight.

Getting extra calories in your diet is essential to being successful. Without extra calories, the chances of gaining weight if you’re an ectomorph is very slim. Most supplement companies selling their weight gain powders will have a huge serving size. When I say huge serving size I mean upward around 1/4 pound to a 1/2 pound. (1/2 pound is two hundred and twenty-five grams approximately)

In addition, I mostly recommend using milk as the beverage to mix the weight gain powders with. Having this huge serving size is simply a marketing ploy to make the user believe they are getting extra calories. When in reality the users are not getting extra calories, they are getting the calories that are normally associated with protein powders and carbohydrate powders which is four calories per gram. So, no matter what weight gainer or mass gainer powder that you buy, if it only contains protein and carbohydrates you will only get four calories per gram.

Meaning they all give you the same amount of calories. The supplement companies that claim to have the best weight gainers are just manipulating the serving size to make you believe you are getting a huge dose of calories.

The Calorie Solution For Weight Gainers.

IN order for a supplement company to claim to have the best mass gainer, it must add fat to the weight gain powder. This is because fat yields nine calories per gram. More than double protein and carbohydrates. This is a problem for the supplement companies when trying to make the best mass gainer because fat is very hard to incorporate into a powder. Typically fats from foods are liquid. in addition they go “bad” very quickly and shorten the shelf life of the mass gainer supplements. This is the reason you rarely see them used in weight gainers.

It was not until one company, incorporated fat powders into mass gainer supplements about 15 years ago.

Here are the fat powders that were made available to purchase

  • TMCT Oil powder- This was a good powder. But the oil is better.
  • Flax Powder- Good powder. Never use flax oil powder. Only use flax powder. The flax oil powder goes rancid very quickly. Again I prefer the oil to use.
  • EFA powder. I carried a powder which consisted of about 50% fat from vegetable oils. Was very stable and made the powders taste very good. Egg Yolk Powder. The best fat powder to use in my opinion. Provides a rich source of naturally occurring vitamins and fat from eggs. keep in mind you cannot have a powder that is 100% fat. Most of the time, the highest level of fat they can make for a so-called fat powder is 50%.


The information contained in the post is for general purpose only and shouldn’t be considered as medical advice or as an alternative to medical advice. Although I’ve tried my very best to keep the information contained in this post as updated and accurate as possible, I make no guarantee of the accurateness of the same.

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