How to gain weight fast for Women.

Making healthy meals is an outstanding example of how to gain weight fast for women who want to improve general physical activity, daily body function and, depending on individual perception, overall health and appearance. To get the best results, don’t run to the nearest gas station and stack up on a bunch of junk food (chips, candies, sodas, etc.) in an effort to consume more calories.

Despite the fact that allowing some treats once in a while may help you with weight gain, the focus should mostly be placed on consuming foods that are calorie dense and are also nutrient-dense.

Depending on personal eating habits, you can get essential proteins and amino acids from a variety of sources including legumes,red meat, poultry, eggs and soy products. Protein helps in improving muscle recovery and provides the essential micronutrients the body needs to function appropriately.

When it comes to selecting carbohydrates, whole wheat sources provide longer lasting energy for the day. This is because whole wheat contains complex carbohydrates, which take longer to digest compared to simple carbohydrates found in candy and sugar.

Besides, adding vegetables to the diet may not be something many people both men and women associate with gaining weight, but research shows that starchy vegetables like corn, potatoes, cassava, arrowroots, squash and yams provide important nutrients and also lead to weight gain.

Selecting fruits.

When selecting fruit, you should opt for fruits that aren’t as water dense. Choose fruits like pineapples,avocado and bananas as well as dried fruits like dried blueberries, cherries, and raisins. These fruits are all higher in calories.

In spite of the fact that allowing some treats once in a while may help with weight gain, the focus should be placed on consuming foods higher in calories that are also dense in nutrients.

Lift Weights.

Lifting weights is definitely not just for men. Hitting the gym and exercising are great ways to support healthy weight gain. But how does weight lifting lead to gaining weight? Many people who exercise often notice an increase in the number on the scale, and this is because lifting weights and other forms of resistance exercise help build muscle mass. However, always keep in mind that muscle is much denser than fat and, while it weighs more, it takes up less space on your body than fat. Don’t be scared to lift heavy and lift often, this will help you gain muscle weight instead of fat. Don’t be afraid to lift heavy!

Consider some isolation exercises such as bicep curls as well as joint exercises such as squat and bench press. Resistance exercise is a great way to help women gain weight quickly in an easy and healthy way, along with the many other benefits that lifting weights has to bring.

Drink Your Calories

Smoothies and Shakes help you meet your calorie surplus.

Some women may find it hard to eat as much as necessary during the day. Drinking calories is an easy and tasty way women can get extra calories. Milk is one way to get more protein, calories, and vitamins, depending on your sensitivity to milk. The matchless cup of whole milk is about one hundred and forty-eight calories, with one hundred and twenty-four calories of 2 percent milk not far behind.Drinking fruit juices, smoothies and shakes is another delicious way to pack in calories and vitamins.


Boosting your weight gain with protein powders and weight gainer products is yet another way women can add weight quicker. These types of supplements provide extra calories, carbohydrates, protein, and nutrients to improve weight gain and help fill in nutritional gaps in the diet. There are a number of weight gain protein powders you can consider I.e Vintage Brawn Protein, Body fortress Advanced Whey Protein or even Quest Nutrition Cinnamon Crunch Protein Powder. They all come in different flavors the choice is yours to make.

Eat More Frequently

Adding variety to your diet will help you gain. Getting enough calories throughout the day may be difficult if you save them all for just two or three meals. Many women who want to add some extra pounds find that eating many smaller meals throughout the day helps them reach their calorie surplus.

Meal Planning

Preparing your meals in advance and having them stored away in containers makes it a lot easier when you’re on the go. If you are unable to squeeze in more meals throughout the day, you can at least make sure that you are snacking on higher calorie, nutrient-rich foods periodically. Some good ideas for snacks with more calories and a decent amount of macronutrients per serving include nuts like almonds, Brazil nuts, and pecans.


Gaining weight Can Mean Better Health. What constitutes healthy weight gain will, of course, differ from individual to individual. Let your wish to feel great and healthy dominate the number on the scale. Depending on your personal health and fitness goals, weight gain can be more sustainable for you. Lean muscle mass is a good sign of gaining weight.

Do you have any tips or tricks that you do to help gain weight fast? I’d appreciate your input, so leave a comment below!

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