8 Useful Points for Healthy Weight Gain.

You might have tried unsuccessfully to get bigger prior to that, but it was simply because you were not eating enough food. You may be eating 6 big meals or 3 GIANT meals, or any combination of anything that works for your plan. This is going to be tough for a while because your body isn’t habitual of eating this much food, which means you’ll have to push your limits to eat even when you’re not hungry.

Count your calories

Add at least five hundred extra calories a day it will help you get at least one extra pound in a week. Whatever you are eating right now just add on additional 500 to 600 calories and you will be amazed to see the results.

Get yourself a caloric average for every single day (training day, rest day, etc.) And then eat More than that. If you are still not adding healthy weight, then you are required to eat more than that.

You literally make things easier on your belly by spreading calorie intake over five to six smaller meals throughout the day. You don’t need to overtake it with three hundred plus grams of protein as you might find in fitness magazines – they often prescribe that much protein so that you buy since they ’re branded yet expensive protein powders. But you do not require that much protein.


Milk has always been used as a readily available muscle builder or simply weight gainer for decades. It provides good stability of carbs, proteins, and fats. In addition, milk is always a healthy source of calcium, along with other minerals and vitamins. If you want to add more muscle, milk is a vital and essential source of protein that provides both whey and casein protein. Studies has also shown that when done with weight lifting, milk will help you develop muscle. Studies have also shown that the combination of milk or casein and whey can result in a healthy weight gain compared to other sources of protein.Drink at least one or two glasses with a meal, as a snack, or before and after a workout if you are working out.

Red Meats

Red meats are possibly one of the best food for muscle building. E.g steak which contains around 2-3 grams of leucine per 5-6 ounces. Leucine is the vital key amino acid which your body requires to add new muscle tissue and stimulate muscle protein synthesis. In fact, red meats are one of the largest sources of dietary creatine, which is probably the world’s largest muscle building supplement. These also have more fat and calories than lean meats, allowing you to add weight and extra calories.

In a research, 6 ounces of red meat was added to 100 elderly women’s diets, and resistance training sessions were done almost six days a week. All the women gained fat, an improvement in the significant muscle building hormone, and an rise in strength of 18 percent. Both fatty and lean types of meat are the best protein source, although most calories are provided by fatty meat that can help you gain healthy weight.

Eating before bedtime.

A number of studies show that people who eat before bed are more likely to gain weight. The explanation is much simpler than you might think.

This turns out that people who eat before bed are much more likely to gain weight precisely because a nap time snack is an extra meal and therefore more calories.

Furthermore, night is indeed the time of day when many people probably feel the most hungry. This increases the likelihood that a bedtime snack will end up pushing your calorie intake above your daily calorie needs.

Eating before bed in most situations often leads to weight gain due to habits like eating while watching TV or eating too many extra calories before bed.

Nuts and Nut Butters

Well, Nuts and their butter are an ideal choice if you’re trying to gain healthy weight. Since they are dense in calories, it can quickly add up hundreds of calories in just two handfuls a day as a snack or with a meal.Nut butter can also be mixed in a variety of dishes, or snacks such as yogurts, smoothies and much more. But make sure you pick 100 percent pure nut butter with just a few countable ingredients and no extra oils or added sugar.

Eat more frequently

When it comes to gaining healthy weight then this is one of the most effective ways. When you start introducing extra calories into each meal it’s easy to feel full fast. Changes in food intake might also bring on acne or gastrointestinal issues (be careful to note any potential side effects in your diary).


Carbs are your best friend when you are looking to add weight – rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, etc. will help you gain healthy weight.To meet your calorie targets, you can also eat a lot of carbohydrates. You can get away with eating less healthy things like pasta, bread, and even snack food ON OCCASION, but most of the days try to avoid those things. Whenever possible, every meal should have vegetables so that your body can adjust all these calories properly as they move through your body. In addition, eating plenty of healthy oils in your meals (olive oil, coconut oil) will easily help you achieve your daily calorie targets too, and eating plenty of nuts (high fat, high calorie). There are some helpful exercises in addition to food that will help you get healthierweight.


Compound exercises should also be your friend, tension is placed on the weight gain portion. Follow these simple yet effective steps above, and you’ll gain a healthy weight.

However, if you’re not working well, you’ll end up getting really fat and not getting a healthy weight. That’s where the exercise comes in! Work on complex,compound movements involving as many muscles as possible: overhead press, bench press, squats, pull up, deadlifts, dips, chin ups.

Do these exercises daily and focus on getting as good with each of them as possible. Okay, right now, you don’t have to think about isolation movements such as shoulder shrugs, triceps extensions, bicep curls or crunches. All of the compound exercises listed here use your body’s every single muscle, and when you overload your body with calories and protein, those muscles will eventually grow.

Do you have extra tips and tricks that can help with faster weight gain? I’d appreciate your input, so leave a comment below!


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