How can I gain weight quickly? A Lazy man’s tips and tricks.

When it is comes to gaining weight, it requires the same amount of dedication and determination as required during your weight loss process. And, if you are meditating over how to gain weight within a week or two, your discipline will surely be tested.

Quick Tips:

  • Incorporate a nutritional diet plan in your weight gain regime.
  • Choose your meals wisely
  • Do Compound exercises and lift weights.
  • Avoid consuming packed fruit beverages as they contain a lot of sugar

Are you planning to gain weight and you are looking forward to incorporating ways in your lives to gain extra pounds? Although, gaining weight is as difficult a task as losing it, there other people who really want to add a little flesh to their bony structure. It is time that you get ready and check your limit s if you want to gain weight in just a couple of days.

Nutritional Diet plan for Weight Gain:

Adding weight does not mean that you have to eat unhealthy food items which are high on trans fat. Therefore, a nutritional diet plan is equally important during weight gain as it is during a weight loss. . Stick to high calorie foods like:Seeds, Nuts, Peanut butter,Starchy vegetables, Low-fat dairy products, Eggs, Beans and whole grains.

While trying to gain weight, you still don’t have the freedom to eat everything which comes your way. You must try at all cost to refrain from junk foods like: Burgers, Cheesecake, Potato fries, Onion rings, Candies, Hot fudge, Sundaes.

We all know that such foods may tempt you but they are improper for your health in each and every aspect.


Do you think workouts should only be associated with weight loss? No, you are wrong. You must include a muscle building regime in your weight gain plan, in order to eat more calories than what you spend. Lift weights. HEAVY weights. Push yourself constantly. If you’re able to lift weight more than 10 reps, it’s too light. Go up. Ideal range for building mass is 6-10 reps. 3-4 sets per workout.

The weight gain theory is basic but challenging.

Non-Exercise Physical Activity+ More training < More calories = Weight Gain (Fat or Muscle Gain which will depend on a number of factors)

But then we’re thinking about gaining muscle and not gaining too much fat..

There are three things to work on in order to gain muscle:

Normally eat with the correct protein : fatcarb ratio ; i.e., 40:30:30

Then choose Fats  from Omega 3 sources (size 2-3 thumb sizes) and it can also be saturated fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, butter, ghee. Before worrying about fat gain,it is a fallacy that we have been told and fallen into  advertising pit to buy sugar and carbs and get fat. Then you’d rather choose carbs from fruit for the remaining part of the calorie goal. You can also eat as much vegetables as you want without counting calories.

  • Weight gainers and Supplements

You need to take in more calories than you burn if you want to gain weight. Let’s say you need about 3000 calories a day to keep your weight going. It means you will be eating food worth 3,000 calories. Then you’ll drink a 400-calorie gainer. You’re now in a surplus of 400 calories. These extra calories will help you build strength, muscle and fat. So yes, weight gainers work when used correctly.

If I had a choice between creatine and protein it’d be a difficult choice considering how effective creatine is. Significant strength and size gains is visible within the first two months of using creatine. I did find a really great one that is effective and worth your money on Amazon. It is also vegan friendly. A spoonful after your workout is just enough. Remember to drink at least a gallon of water per day to remain hydrated.

  • Double your Food consumption:

Sounds thrilling! Yes, it is. But not as simple as you think. If previously you were eating three meals daily, its time you double the quantity and eat at least six times (each meal in equal portions). For the first few days, you might have to force the extra food on yourself. Each extra five-hundred calories eaten per day will add an extra pound to your weight in a week.

  • Calculate your calorie requirement:

In their own way, every individual is different! And hence their calorie requirement is different too. What you need to do is, keep checking on your intake and calorie needs. And once you have managed to figure it out, add 500 more calories to your daily consumption. You may have more control over nutrient intake by getting the extra calories you need from real food.

Make your own weight-gain shake by blending together bananas, strawberries, Greek yogurt, peanut butter and ice or soy milk, along with tofu, blueberries, mango and flax seed. Other calorie dense foods to help you gain weight include cheese, eggs, nuts, whole grains and beans. This calorie dense food will help you gain weight within a week. Also, fixing a schedule for your meals will help you consume sufficient calories throughout the day.

  • Include healthy Beverages in your Diet:

Just like your food items, the drinks should also be high on calorie content. But, keep in mind that it should not cause any harm to your health. Therefore, only opt for those beverages which are nutrient rich and have healthy calories. Consider drinks like shakes ,smoothies and yogurt. At all cost try and avoid drinks like.

  • Packaged fruit juices as they have high sugar and preservative content.
  • Colas
  • Flavored coffee drinks
  • Sweetened teas etc.

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